OS Mogul

Propane Burner

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In the descriptions below I will refer to part numbers as they appear in my Assembly Manual. Yours may be different. Part numbers are in square brackets. [BO-9] means part number BO-9. I will also describe the parts.

Two things to notice here.

First is the shiny, chrome like, latch [BO-31] with screw missing in the upper left corner. The screw is missing because the latch is being removed for propane operation. It serves no purpose and is in the way for mounting the burners housing.

Second is the rusty bolt and nut to left of the latch. Notice that the bolt has been drilled an tapped. This is to mount the burner housing and replaces the original hardware [BO-9], [BO-10], and [BO-55]..

This is the actual burner assembly. It is made up of 8 brass burners and a bunch of pipe nipples, elbows, and tees.

The two 45 degree angle fittings coming out of the right side are to get the propane hose around the parking brake rigging.

Top view of burner assembly.

Close up of the burners.

If I were to do it again I would get shorter burners. That would probably improve the efficiency slightly.

However, it works well as is.

This is the ash pan [BO-6] and ash pan bottom plate [BO-7]. The supports (2) [BO-8] for the ash grate have been removed and the ash pan bottom plate [BO-7] has been bolted tightly to the ash pan. With propane there is no need to remove the bottom plate and dump ashes. With it bolted on tightly there is little likelihood of it coming loose and falling off.

I tried running the engine with ash pan bottom plate removed to get more oxygen to the fire. However, I found that as the throttle was increased the draft increased and blew the fire out. There is plenty of oxygen with the bottom plate in place.

View from the other side.

I could have cut off the tab sticking out on the bottom plate but since it was not in the way I left it on just in case I ever wanted to convert back to coal.

Looking down at the center of the ash pan.

Note the two holes just below the two nuts the hold the ash pan bottom plate in place. (the one on the right is much more visible than the one on the left.) These had to be drilled in the ash pan to mount the burner assembly.

The burner assembly is mounted using one of the supports [BO-8] for the grate.

The whole assembly is lifted in from the bottom and bolted in place using the same mounting brackets [BO-12] that would have held the original hardware in place.