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Installation costs vary with the locomotive and the degree of sophistication desired in the end product.

Price goes up with the following factors:

  1. Amount of body modification needed to fit components into available space.  (Body modification doesn't include anything visible from the outside with the exception of switches [On/Off; Volume Control] and jacks [Programming].  These will be hidden as much as possible.)
  2. Generally the smaller the locomotive the more work is involved.

A "not greater than" price quote will be given upon engine examination.  If it turns out the job can not be done for the quoted amount, the job can be canceled at no charge or the price renegotiated. So far no job has exceeded the original "not greater than" price quote.

Once the price is agreed upon, click on the Installation button below. Then enter the agreed upon price in the "Donation amount" field in PayPal. Continue with the PayPal checkout.

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