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Photos and information about the OS Engines Mogul built by Lowell Dietz 

Photo history of construction of Mogul.

Photos of building a grade crossing in CO.

Parts Statistics

The Parts list contains 510 different parts and 1073 total parts.

The nuts, bolts, washers, cotter pins, retaining rings, etc. contains 140 different items and 2285 total items.

The kit also contains 31 items such as tools, oil, grease, packing, etc.

Construction Statistics

Kit arrived on 22 September 2006 and was completed on 18 October 2006. 27 days from arrival to completion. Only 22 days was actual work done on the Mogul.

78 hours 41 minutes of actual construction time to complete the Mogul. Some of that time was spend undoing something I had done incorrectly; like the time I put 22 tiny steel screws into the water tank lid and then realized I was supposed to use stainless steel screws. If you do the math you will see that, on the days I actually worked on the locomotive, I averaged about 3.5 hours per day.

13 hours 26 minutes were spent doing peripheral activities such as painting parts that I thought would look better painted (painting was not called for in the plans), building a stand to hold the engine during construction, and making notes and construction tips to send to the manufacturer so they can improve the assembly manual.

Total Time: 92 hours 7 minutes.

Things I've done since completing the Mogul.

  • The 3 domes on the boiler came as shiny brass. I painted the tops and bottoms with Rustoleum Painter's Touch Semi-Gloss Black. This is the closest I could find to matching the rest of the locomotive black parts. (See photo at bottom of page.)
  • In the photo history I mentioned painting several parts on the tender. Here I used an ultra-flat black.
  • I replaced the optional propane burner with one of my own design. Someday I'll put photos and information on how I built it onto this web page. Why did I replace the optional burner? I first ran it with the optional burner and found to get any decent heat I needed to run with a propane pressure of 20+ psi. This made a lot of noise and still didn't heat as well as it should have. With the burner I have now I get much better heating at about 4 psi.
    Propane Burner Photos and Description
  • I built a pickle car to carry the propane tanks.

And things I'd do different.

  • I didn't paint the drivers of lead truck because they were already assembled and in place before I though of it. Had I thought of it, I would have painted them flat black prior to assembly
  • I would not waste my money on the optional propane burner.
  • I would purchase the optional injector.
  • I'm 6 ft. tall. I reversed some of the engineer seat components so I can sit back further. I still have to duck my head to see under the cab roof to see the sight glass and pressure gauge. I will probably weld together the fixed and hinged part of the cab roof, then cut out a portion so I can see the sight glass and pressure gauge without ducking.

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