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Georgia Garden Railroad

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Georgia Garden Railroad of Lowell & Linda Dietz
Dilapidated, Slow Poke & Poor (DSP&P)

Photos and information about our Georgia Garden Railroad 

Early 2001. Construction photos

Main Loop of Track      
Length 138 ft.    
Width 40 ft.    
Standard Gauge
3 ft. Narrow Gauge
Distance from tunnel leaving basement to switch entering main  loop 142 ft. 5.25 in. 0.86 miles 0.55 miles
Distance around main loop 376 ft. 11.5 in. 2.28 miles 1.45 miles
Total track outdoors 519 ft. 4.75 in. 3.14 miles 2.00 miles
Standard Gauge
3 ft. Narrow Gauge
Exiting tunnel leaving basement 0.00 0.00 0.00
Entering main loop 1 ft 10.75 in 60 ft. 5.625 in. 38 ft. 6.75 in.
Top of hill 6 ft. 4 in. 201 ft. 11.75 in. 128 ft. 8.25 in.
Max. grade 3%    

In December 2005 a 5 foot diameter tree fell on the trestle at Mossy Hill causing sufficient damage to stop all traffic for several days.

In the 1:1 world it sometime happens that tunnels need to be enlarged as locomotives get larger and the need to transport "double stacks" arrises. This same thing happens in our scale worl also. Click here to see the tunnel replacement.





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